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Wednesday Evening - Bedgebury 630pm+

Once daylight begins to fade we move from our summer grass track session in Cranbrook to the delights of Bedgebury Forest. Parking in Park Lane we enter via the undulating firetrack to have coached sessions for speed work, endurance, VO2 max, hill reps and pacing. Early in the winter season daylight is reasonable but it is required to have a headtorch and a hi-vis top of some description. Trail shoes are not generally necessary as the conditions are usually firm under foot.

Please reference the map below for the meeting location!

Wednesday Evening - Cranbrook - 630pm+

Parking in Jockey Lane carpark we move to the grassy track on the fields of Cranbrook School where we run through the spring and summer. Again, coached sessions are held to improve speed work, VO2, endurance and pacing. Dependant on the time of year it may be advisable to bring a head torch for added visibility.

For all coaching sessions it is recommended to check our Facebook page where up to date information will be provided.